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Are you planning to renovate your home design? You may have been looking for Interior Design elements or items and building material especially tiles for flooring roofing and walls for new look of your home.

There are a lot of tiles patterns, tiles designs, tiles colors, tiles sizes and tiles price variations as well as tiles types i.e. stone tiles, marble tiles, ceramic tiles, Multani tiles, clay or terracotta tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, polished tiles, glazed tiles, china tiles, Irani tiles, handmade tiles, red bricks, commercial tiles, industrial tiles, fire brick, heat insulation tiles, cool tiles, high quality tiles, flooring tiles, roofing tiles, facing tiles, front face tiles, outdoor tiles, gutka tiles or khaprail tiles.

You might be thinking to know the tiles price per square meter to get the approximate tiles cost and installation services and have been visiting tiles shops and companies in the tiles market for their catalogues to buy cheap tiles or if possible, to get all at wholesale prices.

Your search is over and you may choose from a wide range of tiles from Pak Tile Industry and order online. Just call or send us your inquiry and we will get back to you with estimation of your complete project.

Our Features


100% Natural Clay

We use 100% Natural Clay material for producing tile products for roofing, flooring and walls which preserve pure natural qualities of the clay in all of our tiling products.

Sustained & Guaranteed

Tile made from clay or terracotta is most durable and long lasting that it gives sustained and guaranteed performance for many many years.

Breathable, Resistant to Frost

Pak Clay Roof Tiles Pakistan are most breathable and resistant to frost. They protect your roof floor and walls from freezing cool weather in winter and keep the interior warm.

Heat Retentive, Insulating

Clay Roof Floor and Wall tiles are 100% Heat Retentive and Insulating. They protect your home or office buildings from extreme hot weather.

Why not choose
  • Khaprail
  • Terracotta
Tiles to add aesthetic look...

like 1000's of our customers in 100+ cities of Pakistan...

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