Rectangular Tiles

Rectangular Tiles

Environment Friendly Terracotta Tiles Products.

The Terracotta Rectangular Tiles from Pak Clay Industry are highly recommended to be used in Bio-Construction thanks to be a natural product in which clay, water and fire are the only elements involved. The porosity of the Terracotta Tiles from Pak Clay Industry offers a transposable product which gives warmth and comfort. The production of Pak Clay Industry is developed with respect to Nature minimizing the impact on the environment and recycling all the products.


Dimension inch. 11″ x 7″ approx.
Weight Kg. 1,3 approx Variable.
Thickness cm. Variable
Weight per sq. sft. Kg. 3.9 approx.
Product Code: code A01
Pieces per sq. sft.   3 approx.
One truck   10000 approx.

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