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Roof Tiles, Manufacturers & Suppliers Clay Floor Tiles, Glazed Roof Tiles Industry, Wall Tiles & Flooring Tiles, Roofing Tiles, Flooring Tiles, Clay Bathroom Flooring Tiles.

Welcome to Clay Floor Tiles Industry Pakistan. We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of the Pakistan’s Finest TilesClay Floor Tiles, Glazed Roof Tiles  products and Roofing Tiles. We are proud to produce all Types of Clay Tiles including Bathroom Flooring & Wall TilesKitchen Floor Tiles,Mosaic Wall TilesRoofing TilesFlooring Tiles and Wall Tiles.

At Pak Clay Tiles Industry, We Manufacturers best quality of Handmade Terracotta Tiles, Terracotta Floor Tiles, Bathroom Tiles Designs, Kitchen Tiles Designs, Wall Tiles Designs.


Dimension inch. 11″ x 7″ approx.
Weight Kg. 1,3 approx Variable.
Thickness cm. Variable
Weight per sq. sft. Kg. 3.9 approx.
Product Code: code A01
Pieces per sq. sft.   3 approx.
One truck   10000 approx.


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