Hexagon Tiles 6x6x1″

Hexagon Tiles 6x6x1″

Terracotta Floor Tiles


The genuine charm of ancient Floorings

Pak Clay Industry Floor Tiles of the Tradition line are faithful reproductions of Terracotta Floorscopied from authentic hand-made ancient Floorings. They are available in five different styles,Hexagon, Octagon, Rectangular that perfectly recreate the cosy atmosphere of ancient dwellings, whereas the floor tiles with their cut off edges combined with decorative square elements recall the noble elegance of the great ancient buildings.


Dimension inch. 8″ x 8″ approx.
Weight Kg. 1,3 approx Variable.
Thickness cm. 1″ Variable
Weight per sq. sft. Kg. 1 approx.
Product Code: code TC011
Pieces per sq. sft.   2.25 approx.
One truck   10000 approx.

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